Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Blacksmithing at LBNewham learning zone 03-02-14

I made this traditional Swedish ladies knife from a car coil spring from Jo (Abney Park Cemetery). 

I have been trying to forge a large broad axe from a bus spring. This has proved to be very much harder than I thought; having given myself tennis elbow I am now taking things easy.

Half term week 17-02-14

Not wishing to waste all that free workshop space at school, I thought I would catch up on a few unfinished bits.

A friend of mine gave me a rather fine billhook from his wife’s grandfather! It needed a new handle and some edge protection. The handle as you can see is from laburnum, the sapwood makes it really pretty. 

I decided to get creative with the sheath. I wanted to avoid anything too bulky, and really wanted to match in some way the curves of the hook. It also looks a bit axe like.

My second adze and third head – this time made from a straight-pein hammer – note the twist in the blade.

These adze covers are very time consuming and consequently expensive to make, which is why I guess they do not come with protection. I do not like riveted covers, although I should try some smaller headed rivets.

I decided to wet mould the covers and make a mandrel to wrap them around whilst it dried in shape. 

A good soak in cold water (hot will harden it) and a radiator overnight.

I have tried to make the welt from bits but struggled with keeping the curve aligned. A little wasteful but this was scrap - £1 for a lb at Batchelors.

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