Monday, 14 July 2014

Wimpole Scything competition 28th/29th June at Wimpole Hall SG8 0BW

Simon Damant was running a spoon making workshop amongst other things, like running the whole event and  taking  part in the scything competitions.

James Hookway with his retort wood kilns.

Having a separate retort pipework set up, made it  easier for people to understand how it all works.  A picture is worth a thous…

That man Simon again, this time distilling essential oil from some of my shavings – well some of his shavings I guess – it was his wood! (Arizona Cypress) very fragrant.

Scythe peening workshop

Something new to sell - Gardeners string line with cutter built in (not shown).

Craft bread store – I have never seen bread making in the field. It worked,  even at £4.50 a loaf  – you demo it they will buy it.

 The rye and walnut was excellent.

Something unusual, a Laburnum oil lamp holder.

Wool seller with fleeces and all sorts of woolly bits.

How I never got a picture of Lillie and Harriet Sprig I don’t know and I apologise for that – well is was a bit damp! We spent most of the weekend covering and then uncovering the work displays.
Huge thanks to Simon and his volunteers, thanks also for the ample supply of cider and the rams on the BBQ Saturday night.

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