Thursday, 20 June 2019

15/16th June Weald & Downland Museum Historic life event.

Well this replaced the Wood show I guess, that was far too commercial a sea of food outlets in the field with craft marquees.

This time empty field! Just an invited few demonstrating. Probably 20% of usual footfall but these people were all interested.

This time not Alan Walters doing the earth burn. The resident forester instead.

This farm engine was running a sawmill, good entertainment.


Now Alan does like a gadget or two this converts heat to electricity which then runs the blower to fan the fire!

Alan giving up his secrets.


Jeremy Atkinson - my clog maker was doing a good demo and keeping us entertained.


These guys were shingling, not met them before.

Well the best bit was the fitting of the tyre on the wheel. Of course no picture. When I work out how to transfer the video I will.

Well a brave decision by the W&D and I hope it works out, they have nine events like this throughout the year.

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