Wednesday, 8 August 2018

4th Berkhampsted Beer and music festival and comedy night 27-28th April

Stumbled into this event after an event washout. 

What a great atmosphere and some excellent ales and ciders.


Great entertainment – have never worked out how the finances work out, are the groups doing it for nothing?

Molly and the beekeepers.




 And their main man on his own.

Great fun and would go again, easy parking in the street.

Monday 6th August at White Chimney Wood Benenden.


The planning committee for the chair in a day event due to be held on the 20th. The plan is to fell the tree first! If you want get involved then contact the usual suspects.


Damien was making a bowl making / general purpose big wood bench from chestnut with 2” legs. His axe was German – very similar to a Roman axe.


Keith was using the steaming equipment to form some fresh willow.

Carol’s spinning wheel – made by Keith of course!

Some practice pieces for the big chair day.

  More skills being tested.

Thanks go again to John Burbage for the use of his resources.

 Etchingham Makers Fair  22nd July

On the Alpacafest weekend I visited John Burbage at this event held at a garden centre near Lewis. It was a roasting hot day but business was good.


Amy was busy with some new products for sale.

I have forgotten this guy's name - he had some really bowls and lots more.


This lady (who knows Marion and Carol) had a travelling loom – great kit but it was £1000


This folding spinning wheel was amazing.

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Ringmer Steam Fair 28/9th July Nr. Lewis Sussex


Mike Gordon making stool legs for a commission for Hillary Plant with a few leftovers



Not sure what Andrew was making.


Bumped into Phil  who has a shop the Old English Tool shop at Monks Granary, Standard Quay Faversham harbour. He lost a gazebo in the overnight storm.

The Anchor pub –  home made scotch eggs are great and they also do their own speciality picked eggs – I liked the beetroot.


Mike and Andrew deep in discussion!

The horrendous weather did not improve sales or help visitor numbers. This was not the event for us and will be looking for an alternative for next year. However - thanks to the organizers who gave us the opportunity.

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Wednesday 18th July at Fairlop Woodturners in Dagenham.

This was the first proper hands on meeting since our move. We now have six working lathes (one next door). The pillar drill and stand is the next bit of kit to complete.


We have four lathes down one side, with a Graduate on the other.

John Houghton was probably the first member to make something in the new workshop!

I think this was from magnolia.

Graham Pook a close second with this oak whistle.


The allotmenteers (we share their facilities) are a friendly bunch. I opened the security gates to let one out and this was his tip!

What a well-attended restart to our group. Many thanks go to John Brotherton our chairman who put so much work into the workshop build.

Our thanks also to the Worshipful Company of turners and the AWGB who contributed to our moving and workshop building expenses.

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Eleveden Country Show IP24 3TD 7/8th July


Another Quintessentially British Events / Classic Festival and Events. 

Great to meet up with friends Dave and Sue (stick makers).

Dave believes in passing on his skills to a younger generation.  This young lady was impressive!


Dave had three trainees over the weekend – that the way to do it!

Kevin Philpott normally match fishing at the weekend was carving ducks – I love ducks and so would you if you saw them.

 Great craftsman and his wife makes bullrushes!

   Decoy ducks and Shorebirds –

Bob has it! No matter how difficult the circumstances he attracts punters. Willow weaving and not a basket in sight!

Mrs Philpott’s bull rushes to the right.

Bumped into Mike Lish who has a stump removal business in East Anglia he has wood to give away to a good cause - i.e. green woodworkers. If you are interested - uk

Well, a very difficult weekend if you were a trader. Football (England) at 3.00pm so everyone left! Traders closed up early and enjoyed some great local discounted cider and a big screen (care of the event organisers).  Extreme heat kept the public away on Sunday but the organisers take this on the chin. It won’t put me off next year. Met some very interesting people and made some more useful contacts.

Monday, 25 June 2018

June 23/24th Scything competition at Wimpole Hall

I think this was their fourth year for this event run by Simon Damant. The Wimpole lathers were well represented. The Suffolk group from Bradfield Woods were also visiting - so great to see Will Wall, Sue Holden , Simon Lamb and others.

I was very lucky to have an impromptu workshop with Simon Lamb on how to make gypsy flowers - I have seen many in my wanderings but not as good as this! thanks Simon - may just add that to my product range after a great deal of practice.

David Owen and team (including Alan Reeder - our insurance man) was bark stripping Elm. Davis uses it for chair seats but was on a mission for Simon.

They had previously made a champion scyther's throne.

Jim who normally makes bowls and chairs was doing a roaring trade selling scythes.

Alistaire was giving David a hand splitting Elm for chair legs - horrible stuff. I suggested he saved it for firewood.

However there is no stopping Professor Owen - he was successful in his leg making despite the awful grain on this piece.

Simon using his power to weight ratio! The posts were used later to build haystacks. Graeme and dog in attendance (first aid).

Kathy was using a peg loom to weave a chair seat cover.

Our Physics teacher Matt of honey prize winning fame was busy on the lathe (lubricated with wax from his own bees).

He makes some lovely stuff!

David stitching the scything champions crown using Ash bark and Elm thread.

Hay processing competition!

Simon Lamb and Sean ferrying hay!

After building a stack round the pole they had to make a bale and throw it using a pitchfork over a goal.

John Flaherty with his Romainian hat and wearing just one home made sock.

He is on a quest - not only collecting machines (three to date) but to perfect the manufacture of perfect socks.

What a great event and Mediterranean weather. Thank to Simon's mum for the pheasant curry and other curries on Saturday night.