Thursday, 28 May 2015

The Wildwood Weekend at Wakehurst Place Bank Holiday weekend 23-25th May

Mike Church demonstrating trug making.

Phill Piddell  making a stick chair on Saturday.
He changed codes on Monday and was dressed for hedgelaying.

Terry Jones with some impressive walking sticks although I think he was demonstrating basket making.

Terry has a book with some of his work in – tables, chairs, he makes just about everything.

John Burbage making Chestnut shingles, the stack on the floor was from one round and he got 48, the next round 42, however sometimes things do not work out so well, and then only 22.

Graham Aslett (in the background) was making gate hurdles – what no rakes?

Charcoal burner with some smiley faces.
He was also pretty good on the chainsaw carving.

Really crisp woodpile, note the angled forked props; I have not seen before.

Our existing logo made on a CNC router by Mark Smith.

A horn drinking cup holder – part of Clau’s medieval costume.


We were afforded all the comforts of home in their staff block – beautiful hot showers and a real choice of what to was hands with.
They also had a sunblock dispenser – impressed!

The Wood fair was an event they have just resurrected and it was not without its teething troubles, however the organisers are very keen to get it right and were taking note of our constructive criticism. It has a lot of potential.

You could not fail to be impressed with the general setup. 

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Slough House Woods Binacre Danbury Essex 16/17/05/15


So here we are – the home of Nick and Katie Abbott. They have owed the wood for more than twenty years. Olvin and Nic Smith along with Will Wall and Sue Holden have been assisting the management since the early days.

If ever there was a masterclass – this was it!

This shrink pot in Rowan was from Nic Smith – note the cleaved sides – there was another with sanded sides.

The rebate was done freehand with a short, straight carving knife.

Well done Nic!
A great example of stone work, with a great message to those who can read it!

Wiggy, Nic and Katie – ignoring my offer of a chainsaw, well their method with my most hated tool is certainly more social and a lot less noise.

Another beautiful dish from Will Wall, all his dishes are …

Wow, a Hornbeam coppice stool, maybe 500 years old? – How many wars since? - oh dear getting a bit silly now.
Now here’s an interesting composition – a pair of dogs, a double pair of drawer knived blanks, a single log, and or dog.


Well, we  all thought about it and came up with nothing meaningful, but I am sure that dog understands what's going on!





























Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The 25th Bodgers Ball at Walesby Nottinghamshire 8/9/10 May

Tom from Texas - a self taught flute maker, He has only been playing for ten years - it sounded pretty good to me. 

Marian Windsor – cup warmer made from Merino wool and wood that has been spun into a silvery fibre.

Marian spinning dog hair -  be warned your dog may be a little lighter after visiting her.

James Hookway with his retort charcoal burner.

Terry Heard on pegs (this is beginning to sound like a musical).

And brooms

Des Jones – passing on skills to the next generation of pole lathe turners – note the lack of overhead bungee, its all fitted into the box on the floor.

Robert Nicholson South Yorkshire – new kid on the block.

Green Man playing a Sheppard’s bagpipe.

He was storytelling later on in the marquee, not a bad recorder player either

One of the entries in the craft competition (tools) with an unusual tie for a leather case.

Paul Thornton on fan birds: I thought they were owned by Sean Hellman.

Our man from Wimpole - Simon Damant sparking up the forge.

Graham Aslett on the stail engine (rounder). A stail is a long straight handle such as found on rakes, hoes and pitchforks. - (Woodland crafts in Britain). 

The last Ball cake of Sheila Marsh!

The ball tradition is – marking the end of the event, the winner of individual log to leg cuts cake and we all go home.

Part of the weekend deal was a free go at archery

One of the log to leg teams in full flow.

I recognise the world champion on the lathe and Robert Nicholson watching having do his bit with a froe and axe. My apologies to the shave horse man.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Bushcraft weekend at Egerton Forstal Kent 01/ 04-05-15

Bardster with his new toy – a trebuchet, it worked really well with a tennis ball and remarkably accurate.


Stone age soap opera inside the story telling tent.

Mrs Chaos blacksmiths with her new puppy!

Paul demonstrating braiding -


Jill Swan was leading spoon workshops along with Paul. 

This total newcomer had just made her first spoon.

Jill Swan looking for her spouse; he was flying above us.

Phil Pidell testing out his rounders after a mass sharpening session.

Leatherworking at home in London

 My first camera case, note the wooden block (page 60 The Art of making leather cases volume  one). Sewn on a 31k – I really struggled with the tight curves, could have done with a patcher.

Kent group Meeting at White Chimney Wood 18/19 April

Ed Murphy’s homemade  drawknife

John Burbage was testing the drawknife, but could be asleep.

Harry in good form with his new shave horse.

Phill getting some good advice from Mike Gordon,  which was -
If you need four legs make six and pick the best.

Damian Goodburn trying out a recent le stockknife acquisition of Harry’s (via French Ebay).