Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Jill Swan’s Syngate Wood Canterbury 21/22nd June

The plan was to build a Pizza oven in the wood. Sam and Alan cutting the sheet metal oven base.

Please note this was not a green woodworking event.

The stand was scrounged from somewhere and saved a huge amount of work.

The walls where made from refractory bricks and the sheet metal base made a great prep area.

The support crew were kept busy!

Happily I was able to collect wand materials and cook. Next visit should be pizza time.

I have fond memories of the Cherry wood course Saturday evening make your own pizza. Everyone brought far too many ingredients, so when they had finished the hounds moved in and made thick crust versions overloaded with everything! Woof woof.

Wimpole Scything festival 22/23rd June at Wimpole Hall Cambs.

What a great idea – table full of wood samples – clearly marked.

This group really understand how to engage with their public.


I think this may have been Tim Ratcliff’s spouse having a go a fan bird making.

David Owen doing everything as usual - here demonstrating Elm bark seating.

These machines are a work of art.

Loads of colorful samples.

The man himself - John Flaherty  tool collector and currently collecting sock making machines!

His socks are getting longer and longer.

I was busy adzing an interesting piece of Sycamore all day Sunday. This year they held the event next to the Hall - made such a  difference, plenty of public.

Thursday, 20 June 2019

15/16th June Weald & Downland Museum Historic life event.

Well this replaced the Wood show I guess, that was far too commercial a sea of food outlets in the field with craft marquees.

This time empty field! Just an invited few demonstrating. Probably 20% of usual footfall but these people were all interested.

This time not Alan Walters doing the earth burn. The resident forester instead.

This farm engine was running a sawmill, good entertainment.


Now Alan does like a gadget or two this converts heat to electricity which then runs the blower to fan the fire!

Alan giving up his secrets.


Jeremy Atkinson - my clog maker was doing a good demo and keeping us entertained.


These guys were shingling, not met them before.

Well the best bit was the fitting of the tyre on the wheel. Of course no picture. When I work out how to transfer the video I will.

Well a brave decision by the W&D and I hope it works out, they have nine events like this throughout the year.

Monday, 10 June 2019

8/9th June Greenwood Gallery at Bradfield Woods wilth the Suffolk group who meet here on the first Sunday of every month.


I was lucky to set up on Friday afternoon as the weather Saturday was appalling!


Sue has arthritis in her hands but finds that this really works – from Holland and Barrett.

Well yes sue can make anything to a very high standard including this sourdough bread straight from the dutch oven. 

We had some later at the village hall.

The village hall holds a pop up bar and food on the first Friday of the month and everyone goes!

What a great evening that was (Will and Sue – center of picture).

Sue making flatbreads for our Indian meal.

Sue and Will had been doing some needle felting.

I told you she was good at everything!

How about a shrink pot from Sumac!

Nice to see Eric Rogers making a spoon.

I havn’t seen Hugh Roberts on a lathe for ages, Janet was spooning.

Simon Lamb was also keeping himself busy making gypsy flowers. 

Well Sunday was a better day weather wise, great to catch up with some of the Suffolk group and have fun in the Wood.

Elvenden Country Show 8/9th June Suffolk.

I did this show last year when Englad were played Sweden in world cup - that ruined the days trading. This year it was the champions league and is was dead in the afternoon. Even though the game was in the evening - very strange.

Anyway, came up with a project to use some Iroko that has been sitting at home too long.

This saw horse. Did not last long!

Being on the Norfolk borders there were a few Americans about, some serving on a local base and some retired here having served and some visiting on retirement.

This gentleman had these fancy shoes and would want to live here with his Yankee medical insurance they won't pay up over here.

Have been playing with my Gazebo setup. My best adviser the ex Berkshire group leader Chris Allen used to keep me up to scratch but he has gone back to full employment. Such a shame he was an outstanding maker on the pole lathe.

Well another great weekend with classic fairs - good organizers and very helpful.

31-05-19 Off chance visit to Tillie and Hariot Sprigg

I was on my way to a show at Elvenden so decided to make an unannounced visit.

As usual Harriot gave me an updated workshop tour.

The saw was from a London company Short from Islington and the chisel had Harriot written all over the beautiful boxwood handle.

Hariot was in the process of making herself a block plane from scratch of course.

She had jointed the metal base with hand cut dovetails!

She was also in the process of attaching this clock makers lathe to a treadle.

To say that Hariott was the most amazing maker of everything is still an understatement.

One of the best weekends I have ever had at an event was when it was a washout and I had time to listen to her without interruption.

She is still going strong and also in the process of setting up her forge area to make more tools.

After I left she was going to take her mill into her forest and do some planking!

Congratulations to Tillie who gave birth a couple of weeks ago.

Monday, 3 June 2019

Slough House Wood with Katie Abbott and friends 20th May

Will Wall flatbreadmaker!

Sue Holden playing with bark.

Don’t think I have ever seen Olvin and Nic using the same equipment.

Olvin had been working some spectacular blackthorn and I think he was working on a kuksa.

 Katie was crocheting.

Always good to join in the fun post ball. Many thanks for the hospitality.

Weird and Wonderful Wood Haughley Park Stowmarket 18/19th May


This show is probably the best there is. Some great entertainment including this singing and dancing waitress!

I was demonstrating on the Orchard barn stand. Bowls and wands.

More roving entertainment.

Bumped into many old friends!

All manner of interesting textiles.

Loads of great entertainment.  

Many thanks to Sarah at Orchard Barn for the opportunity to take part. Hopefully be there next year.

Elvenden Country Show Nr. Thetford 1st / 2nd June

This was my second visit to this venue, last year the England v Sweden game spoilt the afternoon. This year was the champions league and was quiet again.

Decided to try a saw horse from recycled hardwood. First thing to go!


Met some very interesting Americans ex airbases here or still serving. One of them wore these shoes – with individual toes, most unusual.

Was playing with layout again, trying to entice public to have a lot (half the battle).

Now what could be more of an invitation? Still thinking about a banner. Suggestions welcome.

Well it turned out to be a very good weekend even though the Norfolk cider company had no dry cider? Very odd indeed. Jonathan Marshall and Steph. on form with the horses and falcons.