Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Livery Dinner for the Worshipful Company of Turners at Skinner’s Hall
Monday 19th December.

I was the guest of David Batchelor the Renter Warden of the company; he was the main organiser for the Wizardry in Wood Exhibition in October and the chair (until very recently) of the Howe committee on which I sit.

David is holding the Renter Warden’s ceremonial drinking cup.

Before the dinner we had a carpet Guard of Honour swords and all and a trumpeter!


The Skinners Hall is an impressive place and was rebuilt after the great fire around 1670 although it has been remodelled since.

Parts of the cellar pre-date the fire.

A very good evening, living in London made it very easy journey for me. As is always the case on these occasions it was a time to discuss various woody issues and forthcoming events.

Thank you Renter Warden!

Monday, 19 December 2016

Sunday 18th December at Wimpole Hall Cambs.


Simon had been busy converting some Black Walnut into beautiful things. Apparently this is a West African game (looks a bit like backgammon), it is called Mancala and there are many variants such as Oware


The latest piece of kit for Simon's workshop – a wood fuelled space heater. Electric fan on the end blasts the heat out of the end. We were not cold! It worked out quite well as a BBQ as well.


 Alistair had been baking again – homemade chocolates with ginger and brandy.

I was most disappointed that he had not brought the latest design of fire with him.

Once again the Wimpole group has managed to spawn another creative mind!

This fold up shave-horse was inspired by Gavin Phillip’s wall mounted version seen last year. This folds into a very small box. Mike Vilhauer is working on a pole lathe as we speak and we may be lucky to see it at the Ball!

Some of the group were just happy to drink and be merry (and warm).

Thanks for the hospitality Simon (and the chunk of Black Walnut).

Monday, 5 December 2016

Fairlop Woodturners November Challenge – anything decorated Monday 28th


As usual we had three classes of entry – the winner of the beginners class was Graham Pook – his Mahogany (I think) dish was inlaid with epoxy putty



This was an interesting entry – a child’s toy, the head and arms were held on with magnets.


The Intermeadiate class was won by John Houghton – this was his first attempt at colouring using Jesso first and them wood stain.



This Ash dish was pyrographed and treated with liming wax.


Not sure what the wood was but this bowl was burnt and stained 



The top class was won by John Brotherton with this amazing piece of carved, painted, routed and air brushed vase.


This Tulip wood plate was pyrographed.


This wet turned end grain Ash chalice was carved with a small micro-plane. The stem was bored out and the pith superglued to prevent splitting.

Not a huge turnout but a successful evening and once again a good range of entries and techniques. The weekly meeting are to continue through December.