Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Meeting of Fairlop Woodturners at King Solomon High School 9th November

This was a competition evening, the theme was ‘Eastern promise’ We always have three levels of entry beginner, intermediate and professional. Everyone votes on every piece for design and quality of turning.

We are a small club, about 20 members – so although there does not appear to be too many entries, maybe half our members made something

This collection of lidded box was reflecting the Istanbul skyline (guess where he had been on holiday?).

This is a salt and pepper mill with ceramic adjustable grinders – only took him three weeks!


One of our new members made this (I think he has spent only three hours on a lathe). I have never seen origami and turning combined before

Walnut chopsticks and rest


A very plane rice bowl (London pattern)

A very wet Cherry bowl

Large Mahogany dish on a stand

Spalted tea cup and saucer


Cherry box with finial

The three winners were awarded a bottle of wine for their trouble. What a great selection of entries – having three classes certainly gets more people at it. The best part of the evening was the discussion about how people made their entries with suggestions for holding awkward shapes, ways of finishing and so much more.

Elitist competitions with expert judgements do not encourage beginners; in fact they put them off! It’s not winning, it is taking part and imparting the knowledge that helps turners develop.