Sunday, 24 July 2016

Coopers Wood Keston Kent 9/10th July

Keith Leonard making more goblets for the Worshipful Company of Turners competition in October. 

The details are on the APTGW website as well.


Carole Leonard needle felting animals – in this case Llamas – she does use a metal set from IKEA but the patterns can be made of anything really, note in this instance MDF.


Damien Goodburn making a large spoon, he must of finished all his adze handles.


Robin Etheridge mass producing shrink pots.


Phill Piddell splitting hazel for a rather large hurdle. 

I thought it was for his llamas but no, it is for a screen to hide his bins.



Harry Rogers in belt production.

Harry uses bridle leather that is traditionally pit tanned and hand curried to ensure that the fibres are strong and the leather is smooth.

The leather is from the world renowned J&E Sedgwick and Co.
He also uses Ritza Tiger thread.


John Burbage busy on handle production.

John Burbage has twice monthly meetings at his place in Benenden on Mondays and has quite a crowd! 

Please go along and help him make his fire shelter.

This was Richard Bingham’s (Herstmoncaux Ball host) first visit to Coopers Wood. I think he may be thinking about setting up something similar to this on his farm.

This of course is Graham's post shaving machine.


The locals were very interested in our activities but were confused as to how my shave horse worked.


I have plans to build my own campervan. So I am taking a close eye on how things are laid out and asking lots of questions. So I took a few pictures of the Leonard campervan.

Great to see such a range of skills and so many focused craftsmen. Very many thanks to the owner of the wood who was there and thanks to its custodian Graham Aslett.