Sunday, 27 March 2016

Berkshire group at Little Hidden Farm 20-03-16

Unusual way to finish the strap on an axe case.

There are some very talented people in this group.


The picture I failed to get was of a shrink pot made from just bark and woven vertically.

The spoon sets were very well done.

Another interesting shrink pot.

I finished my visit in the farmhouse with their host Bill Acworth. We spent some time watching nesting Barn Owls on a monitor in the kitchen.  They have been hosting owls for years but the was the first high tech.

Chris Allen has been in charge of the group since its inception but is now having to step down due to work comments – happily his green woodworking commitments.  

 Not sure where this was but it was on the way the Coaley.

These two huge early tenement blocks I think .



I think the lambing season is here.

Visit to the Gloucester group Coaley 20-03-16

I was hiding indoors in the warm helping some of the group with their leatherwork.  Jo is no slouch on leatherwork and  I hope I was some help. 

Bad bit of timing though, I missed the lunch that Jo Attwool was delivering to the group.

At Jeremy Atkinson’s clog shop Kington  –  at last!

Jeremy I think has owned this shop in one of the main streets of Kington for 33years. 

Great location and very close to the  Oxford Arms pub - good for parking!

I think this is a Singer 37K – just the job for stitching tight curves on shoes and on clogs of course.

It has a small frontage and his work area (below) is the front window. JoJo is sorting tools in the back.

So I wanted to see them both to find out how things are going – JoJo is learning the craft part time 
from Jeremy.


Well she has made her first pair of clogs for herself, really should have acquired the image. She is very pleased but as we all do there are things to work on for the next pair.

Before I left I got myself measured for a pair. So maybe I could be lucky for a Ball delivery.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

I called in to a St Michael’s Church on the banks of the Wye in Tintern on the way to the clogmaker

Although unremarkable in architecture there is normally something really pretty to be found – in this case the stained glass, presumably donated by the family mention at the bottom.
Although the internal lighting was probably masking a spectacular roof construction which I totally missed!

St Michael’s stands by the River Wye at the site of an important Roman river crossing where by the year 765AD there was a Celtic Christian church, some 350 years before the foundation of Tintern Abbey, its famous neighbour. A medieval church replaced it and this was eventually rebuilt in 1846, although much medieval detail remains today. The dedication to St Michael the Archangel, a favourite of soldiers, is particularly appropriate in this land of historic border conflicts.

Tintern Abbey – wonderful  I think it just needs a good roofer – it certainly would preserve the life if the stonework.

 Hereford – also on the way to Kington

I found this hardware / old tool shop completely by accident.

The owner was passionate about proper old English tools. Sadly he was not interested in anyone else’s’ views. The arrival of a customer allowed me to make a quick exit.

Ye Old Tavern Kington (nearly there)

The new owners have been busy with new windows but have not altered the internal features.

Great local beer but no lunchtime food and these country pubs have opening (or should I say closing) hours!

Flying visit to Cherry Wood Project 18-03-16

The roundhouse with straw bale walls started during the last project week is slowly progressing even during the winter, thanks probably to the volunteers who come every Thursday throughout the year.

If you have never been - this is a must do venue.

Tim’s young puppy has grown a bit since my last visit in October.

One of the reasons for calling in was to check on the specification for the new cooker hood in the dining area - my job for project week.

I also managed to visit  Ollie and Lillie Weight in Box – they are expecting in August ! 

Court Luncheon at Skinners hall with the Worshipful Company of Turners 17-03-16

I was an invited guest but before I went in on this glorious sunny day I took this image of a building Last time I was here it was only a few stories high, the speed of construction is amazing!

Before the meal my good friend Gabor Lacko was made a Liveryman.

He started Fairlop Wood turners in 2004 with Charlie Day at King Solomon High School.

He has been wood turning for some years and is well known for his thin turning and his collaborative pieces with Patricia Spiro.

David Batchelor (Chairman of the Howe committee) with Joey Richardson (Liveryman).

I was very lucky to be surrounded by such good company – this was another great opportunity to network with like -  minded fellows.

The Master amongst others will be attending our yearly bash at the Bodger's Ball, this year at Tyntesfield Bristol. The local Somerset group are in charge of the organisation.