Sunday, 27 March 2016

At Jeremy Atkinson’s clog shop Kington  –  at last!

Jeremy I think has owned this shop in one of the main streets of Kington for 33years. 

Great location and very close to the  Oxford Arms pub - good for parking!

I think this is a Singer 37K – just the job for stitching tight curves on shoes and on clogs of course.

It has a small frontage and his work area (below) is the front window. JoJo is sorting tools in the back.

So I wanted to see them both to find out how things are going – JoJo is learning the craft part time 
from Jeremy.


Well she has made her first pair of clogs for herself, really should have acquired the image. She is very pleased but as we all do there are things to work on for the next pair.

Before I left I got myself measured for a pair. So maybe I could be lucky for a Ball delivery.

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