Friday, 7 February 2020

Visit to the new Pembrokshire group at  Thursday 23rd January 2020

Lee Burton has built an amazing workshop area. Small wonder he has attracted so many new people to join in the fun.

Sunday, 2 February 2020

Kent group, Benenden 18th January

This was a Ash bashing day to get slints for baskets. However most of us just got on with our own project. Claw was shaving a mushroom (I guess).

Robin and ...were making kuksas.
Slough House Wood 3rd Jan 2020

Olvin busy again!

Great little team hear Olvin, Nic, Will and Sue.

I arrived after all the hard work was done. I did bring the diner however. Surprisingly warm.

Sunday, 12 January 2020

Cherry Wood Project 19-22nd December 2020

The main car park was full and very wet so opted for a roadway spot, was in good company

Merlin arrived on Saturday and started on our lunch whilst dinner was on the BBQ. Merlin's roast rabbit and rabbit stew! Great to see him again in full health. He injured his shoulder a couple of years ago and found good treatment hard to find!

Tom was busy fueling the many fires - it was cold!

Penty of dogs about.

Nice to see Tim and friends for the last meet for the time being. Tim plans to return in 5 years so we can hope that Cherry Wood Project 2 may come! I have been here for a long time so I will hold my breath. Tim has trained so many apprentices and helped so many getting a start in green woodworking.

Long live the King!
Iden Green 15th November with the Kent group.

Robin Etheridge and

This was primarily a bark basket session using willow bark harvested from Benenden late last year. Spring however is supposed to be the best time of year.
Lisa Atkins, from my part of East London  led the session. Some of the group experimented with leather and card mainly to learn the technique.

This was a very well attended session and thanks to Phill and co for the organisation. More new faces amongst us. Winter appears to attract new members.