Wednesday, 8 August 2018

4th Berkhampsted Beer and music festival and comedy night 27-28th April

Stumbled into this event after an event washout. 

What a great atmosphere and some excellent ales and ciders.


Great entertainment – have never worked out how the finances work out, are the groups doing it for nothing?

Molly and the beekeepers.




 And their main man on his own.

Great fun and would go again, easy parking in the street.

Monday 6th August at White Chimney Wood Benenden.


The planning committee for the chair in a day event due to be held on the 20th. The plan is to fell the tree first! If you want get involved then contact the usual suspects.


Damien was making a bowl making / general purpose big wood bench from chestnut with 2” legs. His axe was German – very similar to a Roman axe.


Keith was using the steaming equipment to form some fresh willow.

Carol’s spinning wheel – made by Keith of course!

Some practice pieces for the big chair day.

  More skills being tested.

Thanks go again to John Burbage for the use of his resources.

 Etchingham Makers Fair  22nd July

On the Alpacafest weekend I visited John Burbage at this event held at a garden centre near Lewis. It was a roasting hot day but business was good.


Amy was busy with some new products for sale.

I have forgotten this guy's name - he had some really bowls and lots more.


This lady (who knows Marion and Carol) had a travelling loom – great kit but it was £1000


This folding spinning wheel was amazing.