Friday, 30 March 2018

29th March  Loughton Essex

Am still helping out my old business partner at the roof extension.

So much has changed in the construction industry.

All this timber is smooth and has round edges! Screws are put in with impact drivers and what was roofing felt in now breathable membrane very similar to Gor-Tex.

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

27th March Wanstead Park Avenue – Reunion with my last GCSE Electronics group.

Not all of them were able to make it but this was always a small group. They are all in their second year of A levels and not all of them are still at my last School – King Solomon High School in Barkingside Essex.

What a great bunch of young adults they are and what fun they were to teach.

We had many stories to exchange and the school has changed so much in 18 months!

Well, we can do it all again in five years  time - enough for a couple of degrees and getting a worthwhile job we hope.

Good luck with exams guys.

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Mary’s Barn TN21 0NU 17th March

This was a very cold day and the freezing wind was blowing straight into Mary’s t Oak framed barn.

She had just made this fatless tea loaf and we scoffed it hot!

Mike Gordon was the first to finish! Surprise surprise with Richard Bingham and John Clayton close behind.


Andrew and Mike decided to have their own log to leg race.

Not a bad idea – good way to keep warm and good for their chances at the Ball.

Now Mike is an old hand at this but Andrew did remarkably well.

Look out at the Ball for this Sussex pair!

Great thanks as always to Mary who is moving – so this would have been the last time at this venue for all of us.

 Monday 12th March Court Luncheon at Apothecaries Hall


It’s our Katie Abbott talking to Christopher Scott – chairman of the Howe committee.


Centre - Joey Richardson.

Last year this was called the Masters and Clerks Luncheon – essentially a big thank you to many who serve the company. I was very lucky to sit opposite Ray Key BEM and Reg Hawthorne. This was the day of awful weather.

Kent group - Tankard Day Iden Green 11th March

The community Hall at Iden green is a great place to meet in the winter. This started as just a tankard meeting day but into more of a free for all with the kit. Some folks were carving leather.

Really good to see so many members helping one another.

Robin was overseeing Sheila  Who made a great job of this rose – first time!

Robin Made this earlier – amazing colours! it
was painted prior to dipping.

Phill did the organizing as usual but had loads of help from the usual suspects.

Bardster running a tankard session.

Harry, I think was also making a tankard.

This was Bardster’s bain-marie for melting wax prior to total immersion.


 Phil had some icons for our next trip to the Nomad games –only one problem with this, we may have to fill them with vodka!


Using Robins idea and Phill,s artwork I have painted before immersion. I am hoping it will keep the bright colour.

Thanks for the invitation Kent group – am looking forward to the next meet at White Chimney Wood.

Friday, 2 March 2018

THE WORSHIPFUL COMPANY OF TURNERS in conjunction with the Association of Pole- Lathe Turners.
The Competition will be held in Carpenters' Hall, Throgmorton Avenue, London EC2N 2JJ on Monday 26th. and Tuesday 27th. November 2018.
This competition is open to all members of the association of Pole Lathe Turners and Green Woodworkers and is for a set piece , a candle sick and to produce the piece on a pole lathe from green wood sourced from the British Isles.
There are no restrictions as to size, shape or style, and one or more pieces of wood may be used.
The finish is to be a tooled finish with no sanding materials to be used, however carving, painting, decorating using any applied finish is encouraged, all the work must have been executed by the competitor.
There is no restriction on the number of entries by each competitor and winners of previous competitions may enter, but the entry must not have been entered in any other Company competition.
A first prize of £400 and a second prize of £200 with a third prize of £100, there will also be sponsored prizes and vouchers yet to be confirmed.
Entry forms may be obtained from the Clerk of the Turners' Company or from the Company website, these forms will also be available through the Association of Pole-lathe Turners.
Further guidelines, rules and conditions will be available on the Turners' Company website, as will be times of delivery, collection points, registration and collection of entries after the event.
Judging will take place on Monday 26th. November 2018 between 4pm. and 6pm.                       

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Apothecaries Hall Blackfriars Wednesday 28th February.

The Richard Gardner Williams 71st Commemoration Banquet.

The banquet was preceded by Common Hall which is an opportunity to question the committee and the court about the workings and activities of the company.

In this digital age we have an image of Richard’s Probate Registration – leaving some £43,400 to the Public Trustee and ultimately to the Turners Company. However one’s legacy is about much more than the money one leaves, it’s also about the values and memories one leaves and passes on; it’s about what’s left of you when all your money has been spent.

Past Master Col John Bridgeman CBE gave an updated history and tribute to our benefactor who funded this free event for liverymen and freeman of the company.

Apothecaries’ hall is a spectacular setting for a dinner. 

The hall was rebuilt in 1670 after the great fire

Thanks to Stuart King who supplied the images – pictured here with Les Thorne.

The weather was  severe and I was surprised how few of the invited guests were unable to attend.
I met an old acquaintance – Malcolm Bennett from Bancroft rugby club I had not seen for at 30  years!

Many thanks to the WCT who support the APTGW, AWGB and the SOT.

Working on a roof construction in Loughton Essex with my old business partner.


When he phoned me I said no but after a site visit my curiosity was tickled and it has not been too cold – it has a metal cover and is wrapped in plastic, when its sunny it’s very pleasant. 

I had a very enjoyable working relationship with Bill for a long time before returning to teaching in 1992. It was only the boom and bust Thatcher economy that forced us apart.  

Wimpole Lathers Sunday 25th February

I cannot remember the last time I visited the group other than the Christmas BBQ.

It was a cold day but Simon was keeping himself busy cutting up wood for everyone including me. He has an Alaskan chainsaw milling attachment – he makes it look very easy!

Alistaire – my chocolate merchant was giving away samples of his latest range – going upmarket with flavour marking.

The Wimpole Lathers and myself are going to the Framlingham Country ShowSuffolk on 7&8th April. If you wish to join us then get in touch with me.