Sunday, 25 March 2018

Kent group - Tankard Day Iden Green 11th March

The community Hall at Iden green is a great place to meet in the winter. This started as just a tankard meeting day but into more of a free for all with the kit. Some folks were carving leather.

Really good to see so many members helping one another.

Robin was overseeing Sheila  Who made a great job of this rose – first time!

Robin Made this earlier – amazing colours! it
was painted prior to dipping.

Phill did the organizing as usual but had loads of help from the usual suspects.

Bardster running a tankard session.

Harry, I think was also making a tankard.

This was Bardster’s bain-marie for melting wax prior to total immersion.


 Phil had some icons for our next trip to the Nomad games –only one problem with this, we may have to fill them with vodka!


Using Robins idea and Phill,s artwork I have painted before immersion. I am hoping it will keep the bright colour.

Thanks for the invitation Kent group – am looking forward to the next meet at White Chimney Wood.

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