Monday, 28 September 2015

Leatherworking in Wanstead 28th September

Hot from Bentley – another case commission from Steve Wright who had acquired two identical side axes.

I drew round them initially as he wanted to hang onto them. But then decided to made a model, to make the whole thing easier.


Just hope they fit!

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Wood Fair at the Bentley Wildfowl and Motor Museum 18/19/20th September

Well, this proved to be the wettest year ever. Friday turned into a quagmire.

Later on in the bar I noticed this young man wringing his muddy socks out – not very PC.

Some of the public were having difficulties avoiding our pitches.

Claudine Cecil brought us this mystery object from France. Any ideas?


 Answer at the end of this blog.


Mike Gordon has been cruising again and turned out with this new top. However he confessed to buying it at a festival over her

Despite the poor weather on the Friday and did I mention the mud – the visitor numbers were good.

Nick doing his bit making bowls.


Amy peddling her great spoons but no sign of bowls for sale yet.

Getting away on Sunday was a little frustrating; too many tows required and limited options for escape.

However generally good with outstanding showers for the traders, with some excellent local beers. Good company as always.

Clau's mystery object was a blowpipe for the fire.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Into the Trees Pipingford Park, Ashdown forest Sussex.

This was the first year for this event, we certainly were in the trees – a  Larch plantation.
Both Sussex and Kent group were present.  

This was the Kent group shop. I have often suggested that groups sell their stuff collectively and take it in turns to serve. It also gets the goods for sale out of the way of the public who want to watch the demo.


Terry Jones working on his walking sticks.

Graham Aslett showing his rake making skills

Mike Church was with his apprentice (isn't he too young to have one?)

It was good to be surrounded by so many familiar faces from the Sussex and Kent groups + Steve Wright from Bredhurst wood, who I must thank for the Larch he felled primarily for the horse  loggers. 

Is was good to be at the start of an event that was not too commercial and all about crafts. Hopefully it will grow into something really special.

Monday, 14 September 2015

White Chimney Woods Beneden Kent 12-09-15

On the way in Goudhurst I stopped for petrol and found this stunning Bentley in front of me – what a monster £200K.  He also has an original racer from Goodwood  days.

Really great to see our younger members

Bardster had made this wide strap for pulling sled type object across the snow.

Nancy was making (amongst other things like string and honeysuckle baskets) fruit leather from Elderberries, blackberries and Hawthorn berries.

Damien Goodburn using a flint to refine a replica paddle.

Not sure who had the square sausages, I think Phill P.


Barster had a request for an Alder copy of his eating plate.

So many things’  going on! I missed pictures of the spinning – Phill P. brought some Alpaka for everyone to play with.

Slough House Woods Binacre Essex Friday 10-09-15


Always a pleasure to visit Nick and Katie Abbott and friends at their wood. We had a team woodpile making activity.


They are still investigating crocheting jute

Will Wall wearing the latest Berber head ware for this season, with matching earphones and bag.


Katie in full bag production

I was rummaging a tool roll and found some interesting cases


Will had just finished this spalted Hornbeam lidded box.

I asked for their advice on a tool guard, of course got six different suggestions. Someone found this branch with a natural bend – perfect just requiring tying on with leather perhaps.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Stow cum Quy Park, Cambridge.

This was my first time at any country show. Originally I wanted to touch base with Tilly and Harriet Sprig..

There were many old tractors and traction engines. This was a beautiful example built locally, in pristine condition and so quiet.


The White Swan

A sight for sore eyes, a free house with a local beer festival and a traction engine.

Treble fried real potato chips!

What a fantastic little water heater in the Gents along with some fine artwork!


Harriet tempting the punters into buying some great handmade furniture. She grows her own wood, processes her own wood and makes her own furniture.

The latest accessory a ferret to go! this young lady was carrying it around all day and it didn't seem to mind.

Spotted this unusual pier in a garden wall on the way back from the White Swan (perhaps the alcohol affected my camera).

Do love Yew – the chainsaw carver was by the far the best I have ever seen live.

One of the many good things that you get out of doing events is just talking about crafts with the public. This gentleman was an amateur stick maker. He is planning to do a few events next season.