Thursday, 10 September 2015

Stow cum Quy Park, Cambridge.

This was my first time at any country show. Originally I wanted to touch base with Tilly and Harriet Sprig..

There were many old tractors and traction engines. This was a beautiful example built locally, in pristine condition and so quiet.


The White Swan

A sight for sore eyes, a free house with a local beer festival and a traction engine.

Treble fried real potato chips!

What a fantastic little water heater in the Gents along with some fine artwork!


Harriet tempting the punters into buying some great handmade furniture. She grows her own wood, processes her own wood and makes her own furniture.

The latest accessory a ferret to go! this young lady was carrying it around all day and it didn't seem to mind.

Spotted this unusual pier in a garden wall on the way back from the White Swan (perhaps the alcohol affected my camera).

Do love Yew – the chainsaw carver was by the far the best I have ever seen live.

One of the many good things that you get out of doing events is just talking about crafts with the public. This gentleman was an amateur stick maker. He is planning to do a few events next season.

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