Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Wood Fair at the Bentley Wildfowl and Motor Museum 18/19/20th September

Well, this proved to be the wettest year ever. Friday turned into a quagmire.

Later on in the bar I noticed this young man wringing his muddy socks out – not very PC.

Some of the public were having difficulties avoiding our pitches.

Claudine Cecil brought us this mystery object from France. Any ideas?


 Answer at the end of this blog.


Mike Gordon has been cruising again and turned out with this new top. However he confessed to buying it at a festival over her

Despite the poor weather on the Friday and did I mention the mud – the visitor numbers were good.

Nick doing his bit making bowls.


Amy peddling her great spoons but no sign of bowls for sale yet.

Getting away on Sunday was a little frustrating; too many tows required and limited options for escape.

However generally good with outstanding showers for the traders, with some excellent local beers. Good company as always.

Clau's mystery object was a blowpipe for the fire.

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