Monday, 14 September 2015

White Chimney Woods Beneden Kent 12-09-15

On the way in Goudhurst I stopped for petrol and found this stunning Bentley in front of me – what a monster £200K.  He also has an original racer from Goodwood  days.

Really great to see our younger members

Bardster had made this wide strap for pulling sled type object across the snow.

Nancy was making (amongst other things like string and honeysuckle baskets) fruit leather from Elderberries, blackberries and Hawthorn berries.

Damien Goodburn using a flint to refine a replica paddle.

Not sure who had the square sausages, I think Phill P.


Barster had a request for an Alder copy of his eating plate.

So many things’  going on! I missed pictures of the spinning – Phill P. brought some Alpaka for everyone to play with.

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