Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Into the Trees Pipingford Park, Ashdown forest Sussex.

This was the first year for this event, we certainly were in the trees – a  Larch plantation.
Both Sussex and Kent group were present.  

This was the Kent group shop. I have often suggested that groups sell their stuff collectively and take it in turns to serve. It also gets the goods for sale out of the way of the public who want to watch the demo.


Terry Jones working on his walking sticks.

Graham Aslett showing his rake making skills

Mike Church was with his apprentice (isn't he too young to have one?)

It was good to be surrounded by so many familiar faces from the Sussex and Kent groups + Steve Wright from Bredhurst wood, who I must thank for the Larch he felled primarily for the horse  loggers. 

Is was good to be at the start of an event that was not too commercial and all about crafts. Hopefully it will grow into something really special.

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