Friday, 26 July 2019

Monday 15th July  Kent meeting at White Chimney Wood


Len  making a fresh willow plant holder.

Keith admiring a couple of stools from a potential new member.

He lives in a converted Oast house and inherited a workshop from his grandfather. Lucky man, does not use fixings just joints and pegs.


Jeremy shaving something, not sure what however.

Our new Treasurer John Williams preparing for a vampire hunt later.

Our cakemaker Carole Leonard on her peg loom.

The Kent group shelter being fabricated prior to a grand  assembly at Coopers Wood.


Keith making mini hurdle components, Harry in the background.

Kent meet twice a month on Mondays and get pretty busy!

Thursday, 25 July 2019

17th July Summer reception to meet the new master  at Apothecaries Hall

Image result for worshipful company of turners

Andrew Sindall 

Worshipful Company of Turners

Tim Cranmore a famous instrument maker gave the demonstration – making a recorder from a carrot. Great fun, he is a good entertainer and a member of the vegetable orchestra. Check out the on line videos.

Kent group meeting at Cooper’s Wood Keston 20/21st July

This was the wood looked after by Graham Aslett who sadly left us last year after a short illness.

Phill, with the first outing of his 10' yurt. He now has plans for a Mk2. 

Friday night had a bit of a deluge - it proved to be waterproof.

Sunday lunch with his family.

Coracle planning committee for the next Kent meeting.

Graham's two sons Richard and .... preparing to cut the cake.

Carole Leonard made this fabulous cake - central figure carved by Robin Etheridge.

What a lovely tribute to Graham, good turn out from the Kent group and his local friends. Hopefully we may do this again next year.

Cranbrook Iron Makers Fair Etchingham 6/7th July

This was my first time at this event, organised by Cranbrook Iron - local blacksmiths. I did not get too much time to meet all the makers but have these pictures. I missed Amy Leake who was opposite me.

This was Claudine's setup

These hatters were good fun.

Met this lady last year whilst visiting.

John Burbage

Great event, small footfall but an appreciative one. Look forward to next year.

Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Jill Swan’s Syngate Wood Canterbury 21/22nd June

The plan was to build a Pizza oven in the wood. Sam and Alan cutting the sheet metal oven base.

Please note this was not a green woodworking event.

The stand was scrounged from somewhere and saved a huge amount of work.

The walls where made from refractory bricks and the sheet metal base made a great prep area.

The support crew were kept busy!

Happily I was able to collect wand materials and cook. Next visit should be pizza time.

I have fond memories of the Cherry wood course Saturday evening make your own pizza. Everyone brought far too many ingredients, so when they had finished the hounds moved in and made thick crust versions overloaded with everything! Woof woof.

Wimpole Scything festival 22/23rd June at Wimpole Hall Cambs.

What a great idea – table full of wood samples – clearly marked.

This group really understand how to engage with their public.


I think this may have been Tim Ratcliff’s spouse having a go a fan bird making.

David Owen doing everything as usual - here demonstrating Elm bark seating.

These machines are a work of art.

Loads of colorful samples.

The man himself - John Flaherty  tool collector and currently collecting sock making machines!

His socks are getting longer and longer.

I was busy adzing an interesting piece of Sycamore all day Sunday. This year they held the event next to the Hall - made such a  difference, plenty of public.

Thursday, 20 June 2019

15/16th June Weald & Downland Museum Historic life event.

Well this replaced the Wood show I guess, that was far too commercial a sea of food outlets in the field with craft marquees.

This time empty field! Just an invited few demonstrating. Probably 20% of usual footfall but these people were all interested.

This time not Alan Walters doing the earth burn. The resident forester instead.

This farm engine was running a sawmill, good entertainment.


Now Alan does like a gadget or two this converts heat to electricity which then runs the blower to fan the fire!

Alan giving up his secrets.


Jeremy Atkinson - my clog maker was doing a good demo and keeping us entertained.


These guys were shingling, not met them before.

Well the best bit was the fitting of the tyre on the wheel. Of course no picture. When I work out how to transfer the video I will.

Well a brave decision by the W&D and I hope it works out, they have nine events like this throughout the year.

Monday, 10 June 2019

8/9th June Greenwood Gallery at Bradfield Woods wilth the Suffolk group who meet here on the first Sunday of every month.


I was lucky to set up on Friday afternoon as the weather Saturday was appalling!


Sue has arthritis in her hands but finds that this really works – from Holland and Barrett.

Well yes sue can make anything to a very high standard including this sourdough bread straight from the dutch oven. 

We had some later at the village hall.

The village hall holds a pop up bar and food on the first Friday of the month and everyone goes!

What a great evening that was (Will and Sue – center of picture).

Sue making flatbreads for our Indian meal.

Sue and Will had been doing some needle felting.

I told you she was good at everything!

How about a shrink pot from Sumac!

Nice to see Eric Rogers making a spoon.

I havn’t seen Hugh Roberts on a lathe for ages, Janet was spooning.

Simon Lamb was also keeping himself busy making gypsy flowers. 

Well Sunday was a better day weather wise, great to catch up with some of the Suffolk group and have fun in the Wood.