Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Slough House Woods Binacre Danbury Essex 16/17/05/15


So here we are – the home of Nick and Katie Abbott. They have owed the wood for more than twenty years. Olvin and Nic Smith along with Will Wall and Sue Holden have been assisting the management since the early days.

If ever there was a masterclass – this was it!

This shrink pot in Rowan was from Nic Smith – note the cleaved sides – there was another with sanded sides.

The rebate was done freehand with a short, straight carving knife.

Well done Nic!
A great example of stone work, with a great message to those who can read it!

Wiggy, Nic and Katie – ignoring my offer of a chainsaw, well their method with my most hated tool is certainly more social and a lot less noise.

Another beautiful dish from Will Wall, all his dishes are …

Wow, a Hornbeam coppice stool, maybe 500 years old? – How many wars since? - oh dear getting a bit silly now.
Now here’s an interesting composition – a pair of dogs, a double pair of drawer knived blanks, a single log, and or dog.


Well, we  all thought about it and came up with nothing meaningful, but I am sure that dog understands what's going on!





























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