Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Dorset Coppice group 12-04-14 on Forestry Commission land (forest) nr Blanford Forum

Terry Heard Peg and broom maker – last seen somewhere near Singleton. This time without cabin or dog!

It was interesting to see all the different grades of charcoal that is produced and what they are used for -from BBQ to medicine!

Jim from the Dorset Charcoal Company was unloading a kiln that did not burn successfully and as he quite rightly says, it does not always go according to plan – brown ends anyone?

The Dorset rescue unit with one very lucky hedgehog.

Tony and Janine Hoad demonstrating horse logging with a very pretty Fleur (the horse not Peter Jameson).

The first cast iron rounder / stail engine I have seen: used for rounding handles.

Local Master thatchers Tony and Mark Cottrell were demonstrating thatching and spar making.

Paul Vodden was making hay rakes.

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