Saturday, 12 January 2019

Saturday 12th January Kent group bow and arrow day at Iden Green community hall.


Pete Rippingale was doing a bow and arrow making day.

We were split up into three groups making the bow, arrows and the string.

Harry and Phill were in the first arrow making session.

I was lucky to be inside (in the warm) on my shave horse bow making with Keith Leonard

The more hardy souls were outside - including Robin Etheridge.

Josie Leake was also making a bow along with the chap below.

Great to see new youngsters.

Harry later on – making his bow.

Amy was giving spoon tuition to another new member, as well as supporting the rest of the spooners.

Good to see Mike Church out and about – taking a break from his chestnut work.

Carole – as ever busy either recruiting baking or needle felt some lagamorphia!

There were some other activities going on - wool spinning, lacemaking, John Burbage was carving.

Pete filing the knocks in the end of a bow.

Phill was the first to finish everything – well no surprise really.

What a great day – plenty of new members, lots of different activities, nice warm workshop, good company. The Kent group in full swing!

My thanks to lots of them – it takes many hands to make this work.

Their next activity is an adze day at Benenden 10th February.

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  1. We were looking at bamboo bows at the bodgers ball last may, looked like a very accessible project. Apparently it is!