Sunday, 2 March 2014

I have been playing with an axe handle and case for Magnus (Wimpole Hall blacksmith).

Every was going well until I had to resolve the design of the last component. Should I laminate it or try and wet mould from one piece?

The wet moulding won. However I did have to make a fairly accurate mould first. Then a soak overnight.
Pushing it into shape was a lot easier than I thought. Then a few plastic spring clamps to hold it in position.

The nearly completed case.
Maybe some surface decoration if I can convince myself it would add to the design.

Visit to Playsters Farm (Richard Binghams) Herstmoncaux Sussex 1st March

It was a beautiful day to visit the site of the next Ball. Not that you need reminding but – 9/10/11th May
Considering the rain so far this Winter? The ground was fairly dry and solid.
This venue has great potential and the organisers have thing well in control. If you wish to volunteer then contact Fionn or Mike from the Sussex group.

Left to right Harry Rogers (secretary) John Burbage (retiring treasurer) Richard Bingham (owner and great trug maker) Mike Gordon (Sussex group rep).

The Worshipful Company of Turners will be running their prestigious biennial Turning Competitions at Apothecaries Hall, Blackfriars Lane, in the City of London
on Tuesday 28th October 2014.

WCT Competition for members of the APTGW – to produce a three legged stool.

The APTGW has doubled the prize money    1st prize £400   2nd £200   3rd £100

Please note this is a pole lathe competition.

The prizes will be awarded on the afternoon of 28th October by Lord Mayor, Alderman Fiona Woolf.
On 29 October there will be an exhibition of the competition entries open to the public and available for sale if the owner wishes. The competition pieces should remain on display until 4pm on 29 October.

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