Sunday, 9 March 2014

Saturday 8th March group meeting at Egerton Kent TN27 9EY

This meeting was hosted by ‘Bardster’ who lead the leather working meeting at White Chimney Woods last year. On this 'spoon' day there were members of the APTGW, the Facebook spoon group, some bush craft folk and Kent hedge layers! Now I do not subscribe to the use of facebook, but maybe it does have some good outcomes.

Carol Lenard was needle felting, something I have never seen. The process which involves an array of very sharp needles consolidates wool into a solid mass similar I guess to felting. In fact some of the objects made are a combination of the two processes.

This rabbit had  huge feet and ears, well OK it was a hare.

Tom Standon (most promising Kent hedge-layer of the year).

For someone who lays hedges he is a very good spoon and treen maker. 

It was that first real sunny Spring day of the season. The hard standing area was small which compressed everyone into a cosy working group; this promoted a lot more interaction than usual, something perhaps  to bear in mind at your next meet. It also makes it more convenient to borrow tools – thanks Harry.

Once again and a big thanks you to ‘Bardster’ our host who not only made us very welcome but introduced a few potential members.

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