Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Trug making with Richard Bingham  June 2014 Herstmonceux 

We started by making the willow slats that Richard had cut.

Looks easy, Richard made it look very easy. Never knew what a sharp draw-knife looked like before. Most of us did some sharpening as I did but then I borrow one from Mike Church who was sitting opposite mass producing you know what!

We then dipped the slats and wrapped them in plastic bags – (recycled from last year’s group.

The hoops were next (I bet their not called that), a lot easier only three of them.  Then off into the home made steamer.

Bending them proved to be more difficult than you would think (do you begin to see a pattern here?).

Mike kindly came to my rescue.

Now I used to think that steam bending would be easier with fresh wet wood – absolutely not. Without seasoning the bark falls off!  It is remarkable though that it stays on.

After a second soaking the slats are rolled round a former and then fixed into the chestnut hoops with copper nails.

A final trimming, a pair of willow feet and we were done.

The happy band of trug makers

Colin Wells (Amberly Museum)
Lynne Harley (London group)
Richard Bingham (Ball venue owner)
Mike Gordon (Ball coordinator)
Some old guy

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