Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Abney Park Cemetery Thursday 30th October

There are regular Thursday workshops every week and it was encouraging to bump into these two as I was in the area buying leather.

Saturday 1st November Abney Park Cemetery 

This was the usual monthly meeting at Abney Park which has been overwhelmed recently with too many members of the public turning up unannounced. 

They have a booking system and nine people signed up to that but only one turned up. They can’t win, perhaps a payment system in advance may give people more of an incentive to turn up.

 Mike Kimpton brought another fine example of Indian cuisine – a chilli and garlic sauce. 

Resourceful as ever with a shortage of plates he ate off a plastic bag.

Mike had brought along some very nice braces.
He also had a variety of auger bits. 

He was making the point during our shared lunch about buying up as much as you can of these old tools before they become collectors items.

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