Thursday, 18 December 2014

Kent group Blacksmithing day at Benenden Sussex 13th December

On the way out of Gouldhurst Sussex I passed this weather boarded pub on the way to Benenden.

Will put a note in my diary for a future visit. I hope the beer can live up to my expectations and match or surpass this interesting  fa├žade.

Nick Bertenshaw awarding Jill Swan her rosette for her chair that won second prize (in absentia) in the item of woodwork from this year’s Weald & Downland Horticultural Show.

Phil Piddell (front left) – the organiser of this event ( Sussex alpaca herder and hedge layer) with some of the Kent Bodgers group.

Harry Rogers on the anvil helping with knife making.

He brought his home made forge from a Volvo (excellent choice) car fan, 12volt mains converter and a modified car wheel. He was using coke –this made for a very hot, quiet fire that required no pumping.


This was Phil’s setup; I think this was a pressure vessel from his old central heating with some recycled colonic irrigation tubing.
The base was made welded from two old axle stands

Bardster AKA Paul had some fabulous leather plaits + he was demonstrating some fancy thong trimming tools.

As usual, many, many thanks to John Burbage for his generous hospitality.

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