Thursday, 18 December 2014

Wimpole lathers Christmas BBQ at Wimpole Hall Herts. 14th December

New shoes? Well new boots really, The National trust supply these to their forester employees FOC – good job they are £200+ a pair.

They did however on close inspection looked like a quality piece of engineering,  yet very light, Gore Tex and memory foam.


Simon has been experimenting with some scrap copper to make this very nice flower. 

I have seen this forged from steel before and sprayed but this was so much life like with the natural discolouration caused by heat.


This bodger was axing out a cuttlefish shape from a piece of burr horse chestnut, the wood was an unusually light blue colour.

Later on I loaned him a rather nice adze.


Simon returned from one of his quick exits with a fresh rabbit from the ferreters working not too far away. So this was instantly butchered into stir fry and dog food.

Fortunately we were having the stir fry. I joked about spring onions so leeks were added along with hot spiced apple juice (all produced by members).

At every meeting the lathers have a themed competition – this month was shrink pots, mostly from Birch. Simon was judging (well he had nothing better to do).

 Joking aside, if you want to accelerate skill acquisition in your group, get them all at it. Do a competition.

Well after all the BBQ stuff, the sweet course, carrot cake with a carrot knife and carrot decorations.

This did remind me of Wade Batchelor at Spoonfest 2013 and his spoon carving sessions from carrot.  Now, I was really taken with this idea of finding a very easy material to work on shapes – a very less resistant material than wood.

Great for kids, even greater for adults - make life easy. Watch the Jogge Sundqvist DVD - he bandsaws spoon blanks!

At some time during the morning we were talking of ferrets, probably whilst Simon was Woking. 

This was their chief PR guy, very friendly,  (not to rabbits however).


Well, no Wimpole blog on would be complete without a picture of Simon Damant.
The star of the show.

He was demonstrating his new- ish Nick Westerman crook knife, seen here working on that cuttlefish again.

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