Friday, 30 January 2015

Blacksmithing at the Forest Gate Learning Zone LB Newham Monday 26th January

I decided to give it a miss last term so I had time to play with my new toy – the laser cutter. Well I have not finished playing yet, in fact have merely scratched the surface.

I did make a display for my leather work, we shall look at that time.

So, just to recap – this is the only adult education blacksmithing course in existence. £90 a term + £30 materials for ten three hour sessions. There is an afternoon session 1- 4pm and an evening 6-9pm.  The first term is an introduction and you follow the sensible path of learning skills in an orderly fashion, making something new virtually every week. The second term you can make what you want under guidance. Most as usual, want to run before they can walk.

This is my forth year and I need more adzes to sell, let’s hope it gets quicker and does not become too repetitive. As with anything you find faster ways of doing things. Could really to with a power hammer if anyone has one?

It’s strange but it seems to attract many more women than men.

Note the scrolling tool on the anvil – looks like cheating to me!

Check out their website and get to that enrolment early, it’s always full.

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