Sunday, 25 January 2015


Saturday 24th January - Wanstead London, turning a log stool for my neighbour Dennis.

This is a Cherry log from a tree in his garden – just over 12” in diameter. I had to axe off a little to get it onto my lathe. I used a big drive centre and started very slowly, I have speed control which is a huge advantage when turning something so big and very heavy.

Half way through turning – mountains of cherry smelling shavings, I let them dry and then bag up for fire / stove lighting. Fuel is becoming very desirable, even the caretaker at school is after them when we have finished on club turning nights.

The finished stool – just a big tidy up really. Now it will be left to split and dry out naturally. That will take 2 – 5 years. But it could be oiled any time after about six months or so. It’s a stool now but could give you a damp seat.

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