Monday, 30 March 2015

Craftiga A Festival of craftsmanship at  Sutton Ho with the Wimpole group 21/22 -03-15


Simon (who else) scavenged lots of pine cones – great fuel for a kellykettle, you can light them from a match, they are fullof resin.

 Once boiled the fire from the kellykettle was tipped down the rocket log.


The latest from Simon’s experiments with the rocket log. This was Ash and wet!

A wandering Saxon lady took off her shoe for me to look at its construction.


The famous (replica) mask and artefacts – some really nice leatherwork as well. Must have been cold in the helmet it was a very cold day – hence the lack of crowds.

Jim made a fine job of this bowl – hard work in the cold wind, but it kept him warm.

Well we have all heard of cutting firewood but cutting wood on fire is another matter. Simon of course!


A great goblet with a twist ( not lemon).

The beginnings of a coracle from Willow Irish method, upside down.

David Owen supervising the seat fitting.

I took the opportunity to visit the exhibition centre of the local finds. This was the reconstructed burial chamber inside the boat hull.

Some great displays of the boat construction. It is similar to the Viking longboat – clinker built with iron rivets and washers.

One of the visiting bodgers road testing the rocket log stove.


Someone working on a craft competiton entry for the Ball, using a Flexicut  multi tool.

This was the first time at this event. It was pre - season really. The craftspeople were far too spread out and few visitors. The cold wind did not help.

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