Friday, 13 March 2015

 Fairlop Woodturners 11th March and maybe our last meeting at King Solomon High School

I have been Secretary of our club for 10 years. The club was formed by the school as part of a community project and as such attracted Technology College funding. I gave my time for nothing and the club ran twice a month in the evening from 6-9/10 pm. They now want us to pay £300 a night to do this which is not possible as we only have about 20 members - accountants rule!

Back to the good news – Greg Moreton was making greenwood forms and boxes. This was his second visit.  I just love his style – good banter throughout. He never complained about out club lathe (and most people do), especially about the left handed thread on the tool-rest.

As you may have picked up on – I am a  largely a green woodworker and a representative number of  my power lathe friends now spend more time using hand tools, carving and decorating than they ever did using a bowl gouge and hollowing tools.

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