Sunday, 22 February 2015

Home Farm Wimpole Hall Sunday 22nd February

So this is a quiz, set by Andy Marczewski – can you identify the collection of items on the shave-horse?

answers at the bottom of this entry.

This is sawdust stove designed and made by Alistair. The lower section has a hole in the base the same size as the white tube in the foreground.

The tube is heavily siliconed for lubrication and has a locating plug to match the hole in the base of the can. So locate the tube, pack it with sawdust to close to the top and cover with ash – this prevents the top from burning.

Remove tube at set fire to the sawdust – it burns for a long time. Air comes through the hole in the base and feeds the burning dust. It has to be elevated and requires some form of air adjustement to regulate rate of burn.


Alistair was also working on two bows to power a pole lathe. These were of Ash – as were most English bows.

Simon was wearing his own jumper – his own sheep and wool, his father processed and dyed it with chestnut and his mother knitted it.


Andy was supervising a newcomer using a large scotch eyed auger bit making maul heads from some dry Elm.

Simon is looking for a 4 inch auger bit to make bird boxes.

Simon has been busy carving dishes and hearts


There are a few budding tool makers in this group. This travisher is from Tony Hague – Mahogany

It was 2nd prize in the tool competition last year – 


This young lady was a complete novice and was fortunate to visit a group so well geared up for youngsters – small shave-horses and lathes.


Another good idea from Andy – a bench mounted standing shave-horse if you’re short of space.

I visited the local Pub in Orwell – the Chequers


The Lacons from Great Yarmouth was excellent as was the bar food – whitebait, squid and chicken.

No surprises then about the origins of the quality tempura.

So - did you recognise the catheter, urine bag, wooden bung and the small jar of Birch syrup. The blue plastic was for tying to the tapped tree to make it easier to find later.

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