Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Trip to Banbury to buy a Gazebo from 17-02-15


On the way I stopped in at the Three Horseshoes in Whitney (top of the Camra list for that area). The Arty Farty (Plain Ales) is only available for a week a month, timed it just about right. Great bar food.

The pub was originally three weavers cottages with atypically big windows (required the extra light).


Witney is the largest town in the Oxfordshire Cotswolds and has grown rapidly over the last 50 years but still retains the feel of a charming and bustling market town with an excellent range of shops and a twice weekly market. Once famous across the world for its blanket making, gloves and other woollen goods. Much of the town's architecture reflects the prosperity brought by the woollen trade.

The small roofed open-air shelter known as the Butter Cross in the market place, near to the Town Hall, was erected in 1683, replacing the old Butter Cross which formerly stood on this site.

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