Saturday, 7 February 2015

Leatherworking in my study London Wanstead 03-02-15

This was a commission to make a hunting knife case for a young man from Mark Cross. It was my first go at this style of case so; time to get the bible of sewing out – ‘The art of making leather cases by Al Stohlman. If you make leather cases this is a must but you need the previous volume as it is referenced all the time. Best value is from J T Batchelors – off Balls Pond Road London, they are also suppliers of tools and leather.

His series of books are packed with hand drawn illustrations of how to do everything; it all follows a logical sequence. Sucessful leatherwork is all about the basics – preparation (reading the book), making card templates (something I learnt very early on from Rob Exton – and then keeping them for future use), working with good tools and quality leather (Batchelor’s) and then finishing, waxing etc.

The most enjoyable aspect of this is to be constantly challenged to do something different, making your brain work on the new application of your old skills. 

The safety strap was riveted inside the belt loop at the back and then onto the front of the case.
Not wet mould in the true sense but moistened on the fold.
I might be tempted to add a fringe on the next one of this type (especially if it’s for a youngster).

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