Saturday, 7 February 2015

Abney Park Cemetery – home to the London Group Saturday 7th February 2015

John Flaherty arrived sporting a very handsome pair of clogs from Jeremy Akinson who is giving JoJo Wood tuition as we speak. 

John said they were very comfortable. I must have a pair!

John has 'serial tool buyers syndrome' and found this strange object that even Mike Kimpton did not know recognise – anyone got any id eas?
The lower part is a blade.

This leather knife was an interesting shape, they are normally more hemispherical.

Mike showed us this home-made jig for cutting holes in strips of band-saw blade to make bow saw blades.
An old door hinge has a hole drilled through it the same size as a masonry nail. He marks the position of the hole on the blade with Tipp-ex, inserts the blade in the gap of the closed hinge and lines up the Tipp-ex with the centre of the hole. He then puts in the nail and hits it with a hammer punching the hole through the blade. It worked very well – no drill bit, no drill and have you ever tried to drill a neat hole through very thin metal?


Mike also brought along this book on wooden rules. We should all buy as many as possible.

This was the first meeting of 2015 and as usual we all spent most of the day sharpening the impressive collection of tools most of which were given by the WCT. 

This has been a very worthwhile and value for money sponsorship, I have often seen them run out when it get busy!

Thanks to all the Abney crew - Jo and Orlando, Joseph Bloor, Julian, Leslie and all the regular attendees.

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  1. Hi Jon - could the mystery tool be an early tin opener? The leather knife would be good for straight cuts, but not so good for curves, is it one just for straight cuts - perhaps someone can tell us!