Sunday, 24 April 2016

 Cherry Wood project week 20-04-16


Arrived on Wednesday afternoon. The main activity was the new timber framed workshop, replacing the old one.

The timbers were cut during the timber framing course held last week.

I have never seen this done before – the frames are assembled on trestles and have to be perfectly level before it will go together and then the oak pegs are hammered in.

Third frame erected, note all the guy ropes and the windlass on the feet.

The team lifting process was very well orchestrated and strictly supervised by Tim who is the only person allowed to talk – big eye on safety here.

Topping out ceremony held on Saturday. The structure complete. Ropes off, rafters on and a temporary tarpaulin as the roof – next season or project week  a more permanent roof will be added.

As well as a barrel of beer from his neighbour, there was a feast - roast pork (reared on site) , gravy (total understatement) mashed potatoes and apple sauce.

As well as much merriment and music from those very talented volunteers.

View from the aerial toilet down the slope – a carpet of wild garlic (often consumed at this time of year).

View from the loo towards the main path off which everything is built – note the cable stayed walkway.

Have tied to make up a panoramic view showing the  front view of the new building.

Business as usual on Sunday morning – Elm bark harvesting.

The Elm would have died off next year so it is cut now and then it coppices back again and again – very sustainable.


Chefs special – poached egg with wild Garlic.

Hangover cure or healthy start to the day?

Ex apprentice Lloyd discussing the curing of a badger pelt with another ex apprentice Ollie.


The new kitchen shelter without extractor.


Kitchen with extractor. I was asked to make this, it really needs a much bigger flue – it did remove a lot of smoke but not all.

I take my hat off to the roundhouse cobb renderers who had a very messy week and some cold feet.

The external walls are nearly done and should be finished this season.

Saturday was also Deb’s birthday and the new live in cook made the cake – and what a cake decorated with edible flowers - Tim and Willow in attendance.

Well I had a great time as usual and met many new bodgers and some very talented timber framers. Thank you Cherry Wood. If you have never been, then this is the place to visit. They have another project week at the end of the season or you are welcome any Thursday which is their regular volunteer day.

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