Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Scything completion at Wimpole 25/6th June at the Folly Field

It would not be a proper bodging weekend at Wimpole without the presence of the dynamic duo – Simon’s naughtiest dogs. This time instead of getting in the 4x4 they decided to dig up bunnies.

Austerity measures due to the Brexit is having an immediate effect ,  Jim’s manservant is making things go further by frying kitchen paper as it is now cheaper than eggs.

David Owen has far too much time on his hands and is now producing his own food. This is a collaborative piece with his daughter.

Chris Riley from North Dorset who run scything courses and does contract scything Chris@pratensis.net

The Morris dancers apparently used to lead the scythers into the fields to start their work.


I presume they were a local group and no doubt I will be put in my place.

Great to see some youngsters getting involved, he was not the only one.

Jim McVittie taking part in one of the team events, I have never seen anything moving so fast!

It was the aftermath of Magnus’s 60th birthday – hence the family made tent.


He was running an archery school with a few bouncers;  longbows with 160lbs draw weight, repeating crossbows, PVC longbows..


Another homemade present - the cake and what a cake!

David Owen AKA manservant stripping Elm Bark from a very familiar tree.


The Blue Peter moment – one he had done earlier.


Well my third scything event at Wimpole. It was certainly the wettest. That however did not put anyone off; perhaps some members of the public who missed a great weekend. Always good to meet old friends. Thanks to (who I thought) were the organisers – Simon and Jim. See you all next year.

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