Monday, 13 June 2016

Wildwood festival at Wakehurst Place 28/29/30th May

Clau has been busy making this new Viking style demonstration shelter.

The canvas was hand stitched.

A very impressive setup. With some excellent entertainment round the fire in the evenings.


A chainsaw caver / charcoal burner’s flake? Basic tepee frame with sods over.

This shelter was standing the day before the event.

He might get 50 out of this one.

John Burbage was at the shingles again! He is getting rather expert at this. Should write a book I think. 

Mark on his Viking style pole lathe.

The Green Man joined us on Saturday night – good company.

He was drawing crowds during the day.

 Sean Helman eat your heart out!  there are whispers that Mike Church is also developing shave horses.

Mike doing something more worthwhile – papadom grilling.

 My first go at a circular plate in Alder, and with a chisel – not an adze in sight.

This first cut made an instant bracelet.

My second attempt at carving a bowl with a chisel.

Damien Goodburn adzing adze handles, almost a production line.


 This was our second year at this event. All in all a very pleasant weekend. The organisation was excellent, plenty of signs and great showers! A big thank you for all their staff on the ground.

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