Sunday, 12 February 2017

Sunday meeting of the Wimpole Lathers at Hob’s Farm

At Home farm - these Old Spot cross piglets would not stay still for more than a few seconds.

I have been to the Wimpole Estate many times but have not actually been in Home Farm – they have some very interesting animals and a great public friendly set up.

Last time I saw John Baily he was having fun on Jim’s bowl Lathe. This time he was busy working on a Walnut table top.

Alistair as  usual was handing out his homemade chocolate treats, this was a selection box, with a range of flavours rum, mint…

Simon sitting for a few minutes carving a Robina spatula – never idle!

He is training a rescue dog – dog count going up again! And he now also has a cockerel.

This chap was attacked by the other cockerels and nursed back to fitness by Simon, he has plans for some selective breeding.

The Reindeer herd has been breeding during the


 Head Deer!

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