Sunday, 12 February 2017

Thursday 9th February and a very cold day at Keston with Graham Aslett.

I went down to North Pole Farm (Graham reckoned named after the coldness of its location) to have a look for a suitable work surface for my self-build campervan. I was shocked to see this very pretty wood look so desolate in winter. Good job we had a stove going in the shepherd’s hut.

We managed to find some Cedar of Lebanon which looked promising. I have an ‘L’ shaped kitchen in the van and the plan is to stich it together with some dark wood dovetails.

The trailer had a bit of a flat tyre but Graham had a compressor working off the PTO. Two minutes and job done.

It may had looked quite wet, but it was in fact fully seasoned – can’t wait to dry it off and get started on it.

I have an 8 x 4 sheet of shuttering ply as a temporary work surface whilst I planned the layout and ran the services.

It does help to have a big van to start with.

Thanks to Graham and all his kit!

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