Thursday, 19 October 2017

Brogdale Apple Festival Faversham Kent 14th October

I have never been before, but have fancied demonstrating at some different types of events. Fortunately this trip bore fruit! So next year I will be there for both days.

This lady was giving a good demonstration of all the gear you need to make your own apple juice or cider.

They were also selling Wooly Pig cider. I tasted everything – it was forced upon me! But their own dry cider was by far the best.

The names comes from feeding the pressed fruit to pigs!


As you would expect at am apple fest – loads of different varieties. A figure of 1000 different varieties was mentioned!


Having read Wildwood by Roger Deakin (a must read if you haven’t) – the one thing I do know about apples is that they all originated from one place - the Tien Shan Mountains in Kazakhstan.
Somewhere I hope to visit next year maybe.


As with most events the food and drink vendors were having a good time. This one caught my eye.       A bar inside a VW microbus; sounds as if it could be a line from a Woody Guthrie song.

Brogdale has events all year round - checkout their website.

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