Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Sunday 23rd October at a Leatherworking day with the Kent group at Iden Green Kent


Dave Dunk sewing new leather bellows components together. 

He has recently acquired a forge and will be dabbling with the dark arts and charcoal before long I expect.


Harry Rogers giving advice to one of the many budding sheath makers.


Keith was experimenting with Phill Piddell’s leather punches making patterns.

Barster was giving a master class in sewing I think – as you can see this event was very well attended, not surprising since it was a nice cosy working environment.


When he was not helping people, Harry was busy working on of his high quality belts.

I took this version of my stitching pony to see if it could be useful for the next leather day which is about making beer tankards. I made this some time ago as I was working my way through ‘The Art of Hand Sewing Leather' by Al Stohlman. I am amazed that so many beginners have not heard of it.

Thanks to Phill and John Burbage for organising the event.

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