Thursday, 9 November 2017

Monday 6th November Norfolk Trip 

Overnight at The White Horse Upton Dyke

My father used to cycle here! My solicitor bought a share in this pub along with another friend of mine but sold a couple of years ago to the local community who now run it and an adjacent shop.

Tuesday 7th November Ranworth
Breakfast at Ranworth broad

I used to bring parties of schoolchildren here sailing in the early 70’s.

I also came with a group from my rugby club


Have had many meal in here over the years!


My main purpose of this trip was to pick up Joyce Jones, one of our members  who wanted to donate her green wood working tools to the APTGW.
She lives in a beautiful house in Ashmanhaugh. Her husband was an organ pipe maker and there were miniature pipes on display as well as many other beautiful things he had made.

Joyce has made hurdles and small rakes, they were very interesting – good for raking flower beds.


I happened purely by chance to pass Woodford’s Brewery – local to Upton They have their own pub next door.

Next stop Eric and Christine Rogers to collect items for the Red Cross Christmas fayre. Eric has kindly donated about 100 spoons! And a stool…
Lunch of home made soup – excellent .
Beautiful garden with apple trees grown from seed!  His garden Workshop was very similar to Stuart King’s. Has some great examples of treen collected from all over.

Next stop to Harriet and Tilly at Bridgham


Harriet has set up a metal working shed and was just about to cut a screw thread on her Myford Super Seven lathe she bought new from Buck & Ryan, many years ago.

She was also making her own rebate plane iron.

Harriet is after some pit saw files – half round and single cut, if you know of a source or have one (or many) get in touch.

Down to Cambridge

I called into The Chequers at Orwell (Wimpole local pub) en route to David Owen’s for dinner. Well known for spectacular food (not on Tuesdays however!) Another great local brew to try.

I also met some interesting local characters. One of them runs a celebrity death club sweep-stake, they pay £1 a week until one of the named celebrities dies and they get 75% of the pot which can be over £1,000! Morbid but fun I guess.

On to Harston and Dinner with David Owen

And his family + members of the Wimpole Lathers. Andrew – a cabinet maker / chair maker,  Jim bowl maker but now also now into chair production,  he made a totally Elm chair 3 weeks from felling. I was sitting on David’s first chair – wish I had made it. I hope he puts it into the ball competition.

Elspeth’s needle felted animals are impressive.

Thanks to Andrew or his wife for the iced ginger cake and of course to David and family for their hospitality.

That was a long day!

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