Thursday, 7 December 2017

Stock acquisition trip to Sussex Sunday 03-12-17

Playster’s Farm Hertmoncaux

A social call to Richard Bingham. Amongst many hand made things in his house and workshop was this pretty wooden grinding jig for wood turning gouges caught my eye.

He also showed me a drawknife that someone had made him – I don’t know why I never took a picture.

I had a tour of the garden area – there were many interesting thing to see but I was surprised to see a golden eagle!

He gives a home to a birds of prey display company.

I then visited my antlerman on the south coast to pick up some tips for necklaces. Apparently antler is getting much more difficult to source and the price is being forced up by dog chew companies.

Swan Inn Dalington TN21 9LB


Top of my pub list to date!
Stayed over in their car park which has just ben upgraded.
Great food and Harvey’s.

Monday 4th Sissinghurst Estate

Called in to pick up a Robina that Dave Dunk took down to make way for a fence. Also some dry Iroko that was part of a grain drying floor. Waste not want...

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