Monday, 18 December 2017

Sunday 17th December Wimpole Lathers Christmas Barbeque

It has been some time - February I think since I last visited this group. However I have been to David Owen's house where they have a bodgers workshop for midweek meetings.


The range of food was interesting as usual even though some of the key providers were absent.

This was my baked Camembert with onion chutney.

Home made brownies from a very brave lady making deliveries by bike!


The built in hot air stove in the main workshop made a great cooking range.

It turned out to be a cold drizzle of a day in Cambridgeshire but this did not detract from the enjoyment of this social gathering.

Lots of old faces absent this time so I will say my seasons greetings here to Simon, David, Tom, Alistair and anyone else I have missed (or forgotten the name of – which is more likely).

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  1. I came across your name as a possible source of an adze (Bodgers Ask & Answer).
    I am recently into spoon carving and turning but I also want a go at bowl carving and am looking for a small adze. My email is if you can help.