Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Eleveden Country Show IP24 3TD 7/8th July


Another Quintessentially British Events / Classic Festival and Events. 

Great to meet up with friends Dave and Sue (stick makers).

Dave believes in passing on his skills to a younger generation.  This young lady was impressive!


Dave had three trainees over the weekend – that the way to do it!

Kevin Philpott normally match fishing at the weekend was carving ducks – I love ducks and so would you if you saw them.

 Great craftsman and his wife makes bullrushes!

   Decoy ducks and Shorebirds –      kelvinphilpott1@hotmail.co.uk

Bob has it! No matter how difficult the circumstances he attracts punters. Willow weaving and not a basket in sight!

Mrs Philpott’s bull rushes to the right.

Bumped into Mike Lish who has a stump removal business in East Anglia he has wood to give away to a good cause - i.e. green woodworkers. If you are interested -  info@bltz-a-stump.co uk

Well, a very difficult weekend if you were a trader. Football (England) at 3.00pm so everyone left! Traders closed up early and enjoyed some great local discounted cider and a big screen (care of the event organisers).  Extreme heat kept the public away on Sunday but the organisers take this on the chin. It won’t put me off next year. Met some very interesting people and made some more useful contacts.

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