Monday, 25 June 2018

June 23/24th Scything competition at Wimpole Hall

I think this was their fourth year for this event run by Simon Damant. The Wimpole lathers were well represented. The Suffolk group from Bradfield Woods were also visiting - so great to see Will Wall, Sue Holden , Simon Lamb and others.

I was very lucky to have an impromptu workshop with Simon Lamb on how to make gypsy flowers - I have seen many in my wanderings but not as good as this! thanks Simon - may just add that to my product range after a great deal of practice.

David Owen and team (including Alan Reeder - our insurance man) was bark stripping Elm. Davis uses it for chair seats but was on a mission for Simon.

They had previously made a champion scyther's throne.

Jim who normally makes bowls and chairs was doing a roaring trade selling scythes.

Alistaire was giving David a hand splitting Elm for chair legs - horrible stuff. I suggested he saved it for firewood.

However there is no stopping Professor Owen - he was successful in his leg making despite the awful grain on this piece.

Simon using his power to weight ratio! The posts were used later to build haystacks. Graeme and dog in attendance (first aid).

Kathy was using a peg loom to weave a chair seat cover.

Our Physics teacher Matt of honey prize winning fame was busy on the lathe (lubricated with wax from his own bees).

He makes some lovely stuff!

David stitching the scything champions crown using Ash bark and Elm thread.

Hay processing competition!

Simon Lamb and Sean ferrying hay!

After building a stack round the pole they had to make a bale and throw it using a pitchfork over a goal.

John Flaherty with his Romainian hat and wearing just one home made sock.

He is on a quest - not only collecting machines (three to date) but to perfect the manufacture of perfect socks.

What a great event and Mediterranean weather. Thank to Simon's mum for the pheasant curry and other curries on Saturday night.

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